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If you’re searching for a bankruptcy attorney near me, then keep reading!
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Courts are Applying the “New” Predicate Notice Law to Old Cases
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Bankruptcy cases fall under the Bankruptcy Code, 11 U. S. C. Section 101, et seq.  This is federal law.  Notwithstanding,[...]
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CAUTION: In a NY Bankruptcy, an asset may lose it’s protected status without you realizing it
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In Bankruptcy, Creditor Must Prove Sufficient Fraud Facts to Have a Debt Declared Nondischargeable
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Avoid Judgments against Property in Bankruptcy (Equity not required!)
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If you or someone you know is facing foreclosure, the time to act is now.  The HAMP program (Home Affordable[...]
If makes fraudulent transfers after a judgment is issued, does that make the debt nondischargeable in bankruptcy?
Fraudulent transfers and preference payments are some of the more regularly litigated matters within a bankruptcy case.  A fraudulent transfer[...]
Tax Debt is Discharged in Bankruptcy because IRS May Have Lost Tax Return!
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An Airline Pilot Tries to Get His Student Loans Discharge . . . and Loses
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A Federal Appeals Court Ruling That Companies Can Fire Employees for Having Dreadlocks was Appropriate
The Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit recently issued a 3-0 decision affirming a dismissal of a complaint which[...]
Debtor Gets Student Loans Discharged in Bankruptcy Case!
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Discharge of Student Loans DENIED in Arkansas
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Bankruptcy Debtors Should Not E-Sign Their Papers, says Bankruptcy Court
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Another Decision Limiting the Dischargeability of Tax Liability!
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Homeowners: Keep mortgage servicers accountable in foreclosure cases
For the many homeowners that have had to deal with foreclosure, or are currently dealing with foreclosure, there is a[...]
Bankruptcy Discharge Injunction is NOT applicable to Nondischargeable debts (Confusing, I know)
People that file for bankruptcy often expect two things: the protection of the automatic stay when filing, and then the[...]
Being Misleading in Your Bankruptcy Case May Cost You Your Porsche
Bankruptcy courts are fairly liberal in allowing a debtor who has filed a chapter 7 case to convert it to[...]
Bankruptcy Protections Eaten Away by Court Decision (but also bad move by attorney)
Anyone who has filed or is thinking about filing for bankruptcy knows that filing for bankruptcy does two things: (1)[...]
If you file for bankruptcy, are you harmed if YOUR attorney doesn’t go to court with you?
Any attorney who practices consumer bankruptcy has the contact of information of several "appearance" attorneys.  When I go to 341[...]
Using Bankruptcy to “Strip” Liens on Investment Property
One of the great tools bankruptcy provides is the ability to avoid undersecured and wholly unsecured liens (often referred to[...]
The beauty (and the ugly) of a chapter 13 bankruptcy, as experienced by a lawyer
I was in court this morning for a case of mine.  It was scheduled for the dual purpose of confirmation[...]
Debtor’s Bankruptcy Discharge Revoked for Failure to Turnover Inheritance
Bankruptcy relief is pretty extraordinary, when you think about it.  You can file a case that, if properly done, terminates[...]
Are foreign student loans dischargeable in bankruptcy?
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Inquest for NYC Landlords: What to do with a default judgment against a tenant
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Case Review: Lawyer gets his student loans discharged in bankruptcy!
You never know what it's like to walk in someone else's shoes.  If I asked your thoughts on a 56[...]
Can I File Bankruptcy and Keep My Car Even If It’s Expensive?
Can I file bankruptcy and keep my car?  This question often comes up when prospective debtors are consulted about bankruptcy.[...]
Case Review: In NYC, a late-filed tax return may result in tax liability being non dischargeable in bankruptcy 🙁
One reason people file for bankruptcy relief is to have tax liabilities discharged.  Tax liabilities may often be assessed several[...]
US Supreme Court Denies Review of Student Loan Case
The US Supreme Court has declined to review a student loan case that would have presented the question as to[...]
Case Review: Judge tells Louis Vuitton that sometimes it’s better “to smile or laugh than it is to sue”
Parties seek the protection of intellectual property (such as trademarks and copyright) to create a highly recognizable brand, separating itself[...]
Voluntary Retirement Contributions and Retirement Loan Repayments are reasonably necessary expenses for Bankruptcy Debtor
In bankruptcy news, a nice, debtor-friendly case came out of the Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Indiana.  The[...]
What does Limited Liability really mean for you and your business? A bankruptcy case explains it clearly.
When working with both individuals and businesses (both new and ongoing), I often get asked whether the corporation that is[...]
Sometimes, (in bankruptcy) letting go is the best thing
People often tend to let their emotions govern their choices, especially in legal matters.  It's ultra-common in divorces, where the[...]
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Debtors MAY Object to Claims Filed Post-Confirmation
Chapter 13 bankruptcy offers debtors a flexible and versatile way to deal with debts, especially when they may not qualify[...]
Bank Tries to Disregard Loan Modification Agreement that IT OFFERED in Bankruptcy Court!
"Wow!"  That was all I could think after reading this case.  Unfortunately, poor lender practices, especially in the foreclosure and[...]
Ya Filthy Animal causes Trademark Dispute
The legal world is replete with stuff you just can't make up.  I've written previously on the need of business[...]
New Bankruptcy Forms Starting December 1, 2015
As of Tuesday, December 1, 2015, bankruptcy cases filed must be filed with new official documents.  The new documents are[...]
How a Business Small Claims Court Case Works in New York City
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A fight, a nose bite, and $110,000 later: A (Legal) Lesson in Keeping Your Cool
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Pro Se Debtors Must Comply With Court Directives
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As the economy of the United States continues to grow, and access to lines of credit are freeing up, new[...]
Case Review: Student Loan Dischargeability Under New Scrutiny
Student loan debt is the struggle of the latest generation (author included).  Fortunately, more attention is being paid to it.[...]
Case Update: Liability of spouses on debts when one party files for bankruptcy
You get married.  You exchange vows - until death do us part; in sickness and in health; in lack and[...]
Why filing for bankruptcy is a lot like having an ileostomy . . .
In about a month, it will have hit the one-year anniversary of my having to have an emergency colon resection[...]
A Mortgage Bank may LOSE its right to foreclose
Can a mortgage bank lose its right to foreclose on real estate that is in foreclosure? This case comes out[...]
Case Review: Lien Stripping in Chapter 13 cases are SAFE here in NY
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Is Social Security Considered Disposable Income in Chapter 7?
I was in court last week on a case when the trustee and I entered into a discussion about social[...]
What Does A Bankruptcy Discharge Mean?
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Are Agreements NOT to File Bankruptcy Enforceable?
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Social Security Bankruptcy: Do you need a social security number to file bankruptcy?
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IMPORTANT!!! Supreme Court Bankruptcy Case For Homeowners with Second Mortgages (or beyond)!!!
For homeowners, especially those that have dealt with foreclosure and have multiple mortgages recorded against the real property, this post[...]
Can an Employer Fire You for Filing Bankruptcy and You Owe Them a Debt?
A recent case out of the Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Arkansas addressed whether an employer may terminate[...]
Creditors: The Automatic Stay is NOT a joke
A decision was recently issued from the Chief Judge of the Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of New York.[...]
Preferences and Fraudulent Transfers
It happens, and it is most often an unintended consequence. Someone you know – a family member, a friend, someone[...]
Consumer Credit Lawsuits 101
With many individuals still facing unemployment and stagnant income, hundreds of consumer credit lawsuits are filed against individuals in New[...]
Trademark 101
Most every business owner would agree that what makes a business successful isn’t necessarily the product or service offering, but[...]
Holiday Spending and Bankruptcy
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Can I Lose My Pet if I File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?
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