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If you’ve been on your computer looking for a bankruptcy attorney near me, then I invite you to take a break, and get in touch with the Law Office of Richard Kistnen.

The office is located in South Ozone Park, NY (Queens near JFK Airport). Even better, though, if you are looking to discuss filing for bankruptcy, we can do a lot of the work online, including conversations and document exchange.

Who is bankruptcy good for?

Bankruptcy can (and does) help a lot of people. It all depends on your situation.

Maybe you have been trying to pay off credit card debt for some time, but your payments aren’t making any kind of dent in how much you owe. Bankruptcy might be good for you.

Maybe you don’t have a lot of debt, but you can’t seem to pay off the debt that you have, and your income is limited to social security. You want peace (including no more harassing phone calls or threatening collection mails). Bankruptcy may be good for you.

Maybe you made some ill-advised purchases in your past – a car that was wildly expensive, or investment real estate that was foreclosed but still haunting you. Bankruptcy may be good for you.

Maybe you’ve been sued for something – a deficiency claim from a car that was repossessed; someone is suing you personally for breach of contract. Bankruptcy may be good for you.

How do I know if I can file for bankruptcy?

There are lots of different factors that may impact a successful bankruptcy case. I’ll state the obvious one first. You cannot have committed or engaged in any kind of fraudulent activity. This includes transfers of property right before the filing of your case.

Setting aside things like fraudulent activity, one of the most important components of any bankruptcy case is the income and expenses of your household.

Every bankruptcy case is subject to two looks at income. The first is an analysis of your current actual household income vs. your current actual household expenses. If you want to file a chapter 7 case, the monthly net income (difference between your actual income from the last 30 days vs actual expenses from the last 30 days) should be as close to zero as possible. If there is significant money left over each month, a trustee may make a motion to convert your chapter 7 case to chapter 13.

The second income analysis is known as the Means Test. What this test does is look your household’s average gross income from the last 6 months, then annualizes it. Once you have the average income for the year, you compare it to certain standard figures issued by the federal government. If your income is less than that number, your case passes the means test. If your income is greater than the applicable number, there are further steps you can take to try and get your income below the applicable figure.

Finding the right bankruptcy attorney near me

If you’ve been searching the internet for a bankruptcy attorney near me, you have to do what you have to do to feel comfortable with whomever you decide to hire. Call or email a few places. See who you resonate with the most. If convenience matters to you, then it makes sense to ask about virtual conferences and document sharing online. If you want to hire an attorney that you can speak directly with, seek that out.


I know that filing for bankruptcy can help so many people. As it can seem like such an intimate thing, you should be comfortable and confident in a bankruptcy attorney that you retain.

If you would like to stop spending any more time on the internet searching for a bankruptcy attorney near me, then I encourage you to get in touch with the Law Office of Richard Kistnen by calling (718) 738-2324 or emailing [email protected]

If you are interested in filing your own chapter 7 bankruptcy case, and would like a little guidance doing so, then the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Course may be perfect for you! You can learn more about the course and get access to it so that you can prepare and file your own Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case by visiting bankruptcy.lork.nyc.

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