Areas of Practice



The practice is diverse – just like you. Legal concerns are rarely cookie cutter. What presents itself as a concern is often deeper than it appears on the surface. LORK takes the approach that concerns have to be fleshed out with CANDID conversations, and EXPLORE the different facets of law that affect your case. Below are some of the practice areas that LORK can help you navigate.


Valuable Solutions for You and Your Business . . .

Whether starting a new business, acquiring an ongoing concern, or selling can be overwhelming.  There is a ton of (mis)information in the public realm that, if not navigated properly, can leave you with (most often) liabilities that you did not anticipate.  LORK can help you go through that process, as well as explore options for the future.  LORK can also handle commercial matters in the state or federal courts for New York.  If you find yourself with a commercial matter of any kind, contact LORK to obtain your business goals, including the following:

Individual and Business Bankruptcy

Struggling with paying bills? Overwhelmed with creditors calling about debts?  Receivables not allowing you too keep up with vendors and supply lines?  Bankruptcy relief may be the solution. Bankruptcy law allows individuals and companies that qualify to apply for a stay of collection activities and litigation, and, in many cases, discharge of those debts. If you would like to know more about bankruptcy law, or would like to discuss possibly filing for bankruptcy relief, contact LORK to navigate and strategize obtaining a fresh start with bankruptcy.

Discharge Violations

Have you previously filed for bankruptcy and creditors are still pursuing debts? Feel as if filing bankruptcy failed to accomplish your goals? Stop feeling that way. Persons who have obtained a discharge in bankruptcy are entitled to a permanent discharge injunction. Get in touch with LORK to explore and navigate fighting back against creditors who harass you in violation of your bankruptcy protection.

Transactions and Litigation

We are a litigious society.  Lawsuits are filed each and every day.  These lawsuits start with promises and result in a dispute.  Whether buying or selling a business, you want to make sure that you understand exposure that may exist, which LORK can help you with.  Further, whether you want to be a party to a lawsuit or not, you should respond to any Court-issued papers you may receive.  Do not hesitate if you are served with papers of any kind – state or federal court.  Contact LORK to discuss and strategize your case.

Trademark Registration

You’ve thought long and hard about how to brand yourself and/or your business.  Don’t let someone else profit from your idea.  Protect that image by registering your mark.  Contact LORK to discuss registering your mark.

Tax Resolution – Offers in Compromise (OIC)/Installment Agreements (IA)

Perhaps you’ve filed late tax returns or your return has been selected for audit.  Don’t go at it alone.  You don’t want to commit perjury, and you don’t want to prejudice your rights.  LORK can help evaluate your options to resolve outstanding tax liabilities, including whether bankruptcy would discharge the taxes and settlement with the IRS.  Get in touch with LORK to resolve your tax liabilities.