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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Petition

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, lots of people are struggling. Business have been ordered to close. In order to try to help, I have created the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Course, and I am giving access to this course so you can file your bankruptcy – for just $7!

People have lost their jobs. Kids are home from school. With money being very tight, people have to make every dollar go farther. Credit card companies and debt collectors, though, realize these pain points and are collecting as if everything were normal.

Unfortunately, things are not normal, and they may never be normal. Not only have jobs disappeared, but in some cases, even whole businesses and industries have been wiped out.

With schools closed for the foreseeable future, parents are having to figure out, among all the other things, how to generate income, how to manage home-based schooling. With kids being home, that’s probably increased money spent on food and utilities that are being consumed during the daytime.

With all these things people are now learning to live with, debt is a problem. The credit card companies and debt collectors, though, still want every penny. They love times like this because they know that, amidst all the current uncertainty, by being more aggressive and causing more anxiety and stress, they know people will turn over what little they have instead of using that money on necessary expenses.

Bankruptcy Filing Online

While most courts are physically closed, the bankruptcy courts have remained open and operational. So, they are still accepting cases. Most, if not all, bankruptcy courts had moved their filing system online some time ago. The good news with that is that if someone has to file for bankruptcy, they can file for bankruptcy online.

You may be thinking that you would like to file for bankruptcy, but the cost of hiring a lawyer is too much – even before the shutdown. In essence, you may be “too broke to file for bankruptcy.” It’s a real challenge (and I say that as an attorney that handles bankruptcy cases).

Cheap Online Bankruptcy Course

This has been a project of mine for many years. It’s taken time, finding the right software, building it out – lots of things, but I am happy to finally put it out for you to use. It’s the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Course, and right now I’m giving you access to this online bankruptcy course for just $7 so you can file your bankruptcy case asap.

When you sign up for this online bankruptcy course, I’ve broken down preparing and filing a bankruptcy course in front of you, step by step and form by form, so you can follow along. Each form is its own lesson, so you can go at your own pace. All you need is internet access and a device to access the site, and you can prepare your case at your convenience, wherever and whenever!

What about the chapter 7 bankruptcy forms?

One thing that I’m not a fan of is having to go to multiple places to complete something. So I tried to make this course as convenient as possible. I have linked all of the required official bankruptcy forms to each lesson. So as you’re viewing a lesson, if there is an official form that goes with it, you just click a link and you’ll get access to download and print the form!


I know that times are tough and uncertain right now. I even say that for myself and my practice. That being said, if you are done with credit card companies and debt collectors calling you and bothering you with hundreds of letters, if you’re tired of the stress, anxiety and worry that comes with debt, I ask you, for your own benefit, to sign up for the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Course. For a limited time, you can get access – FOR JUST $7 – to this amazing bankruptcy course online. Just go to and sign up!

Can you do me a favor – and do yourself this favor – and sign up for access to the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Course Online.

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